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Java / Java EE / SOA (Web Services, BPMN, BPEL) development

Test Automation Services

Firefly Development

Firefly License Management

CEO/CTO: Cs. Veg   /   Application/Test development: dev@logos2000.hu

We usually work in small groups of 3-10 developers, experienced professionals and enthusiast beginners using proven architectural solutions and design patterns. Wide spectrum of knowledge from CPU internals and assembly code - through C/C++ and Java mastering - to HTML and scripting languages with 25-year practice of proven methods form a strong background to build robust applications.

Firefly License Management

'Firefly' is an environment to manage and test software Requirements. Using Firefly a knowledge-base can be built about the used or developed applications.

Using Firefly

  • Requirements can be defined: that means a Requirement-structure diagram, similar to a 'mind map'/'decision-tree'
  • Requirements can be checked: that is Test Automation using the powerful scripting environment
  • Requirements can be presented: runs can produce slide-show like presentations

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Enterprise Application Development

We offer Web, Enterprise Application Development and Test Development services, from small local businesses to large scale organizations and solutions to assist you in improving your business.

We mainly use Java and JavaEE technologies, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approaches, integration techniques, human and automated workflow management, business rule engines and state of the art approaches to create robust applications that are able to adopt to the continuous and frequent changes of business requirements.

We specialize in

  • practical approaches to capture and analyze business requirements
  • short time to market solutions using Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques and revolutionary Design Patterns to simplify information flows and management
  • finding simple solutions for complex collaborations, information exchanges or architectural structures
  • proofing correctness of applications with sophisticated black box and white box automated tests

Test Automation Services - Test Development

We offer to develop services of Acceptance or Service/Collaboration Tests of Web or Enterprise Applications from small local businesses to large scale organizations and solutions, with our state of the art testing environment, named Firefly. Using the Firefly environment one can easily control, modify, extend and fine tune the developed tests.

We provide Test Development capacity

  • for software applications under development, e.g., to write Acceptance Tests to current User Stories
  • for proof correctness of working Applications - that can be used later for Regression Tests and Monitoring

In case of Acceptance Test Development the work can be managed quite easily:

  • Let us some form of access to your software application via Internet, sandboxed VPN, cloud or some other technique
  • Give us the description of Test or Usage Scenarios, User Stories, even as screencaptured short videos
  • Give us the description of (critical or non-critical) conditions to be checked during Test Scenarios
  • Request an offer with price and deadline for the Test Development
  • During the Development the created Tests can be run and checked
  • After the development, having the Firefly license the created tests can be easily rerun and modified



Logos 2000  UNLTD

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